Tim Rogers Town

from by Max Savage



There's a place, People go
It's the secret, That everyone knows
In the city, Down an alley
They're selling whiskey, Wearing tailored clothes
In the rain, Such a shame
Baby’s got the blues cos baby’s got the boots
On the 19, Or the 86
I’m heading North of the river, Maybe there we’ll be better

I worked all Sunday just to make enough money
To lose it on a passing trend
Can you tell I’m a musician by the way I wash these dishes
Cos its something I could never define in Tim Rogers town

There’s a street, make you weep
All of the of the things you never thought you could keep
There’s a man, it ain’t cheap
But its hundred year profession that was lost in the depression
Just for you, shining shoes
He’s been to Berlin, and he’ll tell you what he learned
About movies, Oh so groovy
You can listen if you want you can read it on the blocks

And I woke up Monday trying to find a little honey
In the bottom of a bottle of wine
You can pretend its getting warmer but I’m only getting older
I don’t think I’m sticking around in Tim Rogers Town

Na na na na

Can you look can you see
Baby’s picking outfits from the cover of a magazine
So obscene
All of the pink and the yellow; the 1973
See him walking - so smooth talking
He’s got the rockabilly suits and the prison tattoos
You can thank him you can praise him
He’s got you working for free for opportunity
I spent my money drinkin' long black coffee
Tryin’ to keep my feet on the ground
You can tell my Barista, when I go I’ll really miss
The way he never really gave me the time
In Tim Rogers town


from True Believers, released April 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Max Savage and the False Idols Adelaide, Australia

Max Savage plays songs of heartache, loneliness and redemption with a polished brutality forged from years of touring the loneliest corners of the country. With almost three hundred shows under his belt from the last eighteen months; his is a sound of bitter regret and rock and roll swagger that belies his youth, talent and magnetic stage presence. ... more

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