True Believers

from by Max Savage



I remember the suburbs
I remember the roads
I remember the way they cut you down
And I remember you speaking
The way you said they were wrong
You said there was work yet to be done

You were exonerated
I was only fourteen
Staring at your reflection
Stirring up something deep
Cut apart like a pendant
That we hung from the gates
What was still worth defending
What was left in its place

Country roads, stormy weather
With the ones you love
And the ones that never let you fall apart - this is a song for the true believers
City lights in a lucky country
Where you don’t think twice and you take it for granted
That you’ll drink all night and you’ll say you’re a true believer

And maybe you still believed it
And maybe you didn’t care
The way the people received it
Like it was already dead
And you never amounted
To the man I admired
But I never encountered
Somebody so inspired

And now I see your reflection
And I hear your refrain
And what was once so familiar
Never quite feels the same
And its hard to remember
Now I work every day
When you’re left with the feeling
And it won’t go away

Country roads, stormy weather with the
Ones you love and the ones that never let you
Fall apart - this is a song for the true believers
City lights on the Tropic of Cancer
If you lose your way
Baby we can go dancing
Cos it sure ain't easy
But they say you're a true believer

I’m living in the country
Stormy weather
You better believe it that it’s now or never
City lights
Shining brighter than before
You better watch out kid or they’ll settle that score
Country roads
Stormy weather
Maybe you and me should stick together
Everybody’s talking
About how they’re gonna leave
Everybody’s talking bout’ the true believers


from True Believers, released April 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Max Savage and the False Idols Adelaide, Australia

Max Savage plays songs of heartache, loneliness and redemption with a polished brutality forged from years of touring the loneliest corners of the country. With almost three hundred shows under his belt from the last eighteen months; his is a sound of bitter regret and rock and roll swagger that belies his youth, talent and magnetic stage presence. ... more

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