Would You Be Mine

from by Max Savage



Well there’s a pinup girl by her elbow
So she’s never drinking alone
And a ship in full sail on her left arm
To remind her to never go home
And that fragment of poetry is fading
And the meaning was lost long ago
And the swallow that flies on her shoulder
For the times that she doesn’t belong

And her room’s at the back of the garden
And its cold as winter in New York
And her walls are adorned with temptation
And the shelves hide the cracks in the walls
And she remembers the names of great authors
And the words to her favourite songs
And in the early hours of the morning
We can still hear the trucks and the trains and the fights and the rails

And last night I was dreaming of Northcote
And the city from the top of the hill
And from a hotel room accross the country
Well you’re crying in that kitchenette still
And I dreamed of great wisdom and poetry
Of the things I could say if I tried
But you never could take satisfaction
You were always so wounded and proud

And she’s tender in all the wrong places
And she’s standing just a little too close
She’s unravelling ever so gently
But she’s hiding it better than most
And her calves are adorned with the images of birds
And her feet are the fish and the sea
And her past is a road that my fingers are walking
But this journey is only skin deep


from True Believers, released April 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Max Savage and the False Idols Adelaide, Australia

Max Savage plays songs of heartache, loneliness and redemption with a polished brutality forged from years of touring the loneliest corners of the country. With almost three hundred shows under his belt from the last eighteen months; his is a sound of bitter regret and rock and roll swagger that belies his youth, talent and magnetic stage presence. ... more

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